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Vedic Meet has a community
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The Vedic Meet Community: A Place to Belong Vedic Meet Community has a special feature where you can find a community that feels like family. No one will judge you, and you can talk anonymously without sharing your name.

This community was started because it's hard to make friends these days. We don't know whom to trust anymore, and we're all so busy that we don't even listen to each other. Vedic Meet lets you join different communities where you can discuss your problems. Someone might give you advice that could change your life, because it's a family where everyone cares. /statics/features/i-phone.png /statics/vedic-meet_single-logo.png

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About Vedic Meet

Vedic Meet is a problem-solving platform using Vedic wisdom. We offer consultation services like astrology, tarot, numerology, palmistry, vastu, and more. Our Vedic meditation, community support and other tools provide practical solutions and lasting relief. Combining ancient traditions with modern technology, we guide you to a balanced and fulfilling life.


Our mission is to help you solve everyday problems using Vedic wisdom. We offer services like astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Vastu to give you personalised advice. We also use tools like tarot and graphology to support you further.

We want to help you overcome any challenges you face so you can live a better and more practical life. By using Vedic knowledge, we help you unlock your true potential. Our remedies and guidance are designed to solve your problems effectively. At Vedic Meet, we are dedicated to helping you live a balanced and fulfilling life.


Our Vision is to make this century an Indian century through Vedic Ideologies so that Indians would be proud of their own culture. We want to grow our community, so every Indian feels proud of who they are and where they come from. By sharing our ancient wisdom, we aim to enrich everyone's lives.

We're passionate about bringing Vedic culture back to life in a way that works for today's modern world. We want everyone to have access to this ancient wisdom, so it can make a real difference in their lives and communities.

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