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13 July 2024 | vedic-learnings

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Dwarka Nagri – Lost city of Dwarka. Recently PM Narendra Modi performed underwater prayers at Dwarka Nagri, the kingdom of Lord Krishna. Who does not know about the glory of Lord Krishna? Everyone knows Lord Krishna by the name Dwarka Dhish. Dwarka Nagri is an ancient city located on the western coast of India. 

Dwarka is one of the holy pilgrimage sites of Hindu religion. You will be surprised to know that this pilgrimage site was once the residence/home of Lord Krishna. Dwarka itself is a very beautiful state, in which you get to see a wonderful mix of beautiful craftsmanship and architecture. But the question is, how did the place where God himself resides drown? Why did this city built by Vishwakarma fall into the lap of time? 

Why Lord Krishna Established Dwarka Nagri

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When Jarasand got the news of the death of his son-in-law Kansa, he was filled with anger. Out of anger he attacked Mathura, but was defeated by Lord Krishna. Jarasandha kept attacking Mathura again and again and kept losing to Lord Krishna.

After enduring 17 attacks, during the 18th assault by Jarasandha, Lord Krishna made the decision to leave Mathura and establish a new kingdom for his beloved Yadavas. The location for the fresh city was selected with the guidance of Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu. Seeing this due to the attacks of Jarasandha, for the welfare of the people, Shri Krishna decided to leave Mathura and settle somewhere else.

Then Lord Krishna, for the safety of his people, consulted the Yadavas and shifted the capital from Mathura to Dwarka. Shri Krishna and the Yadavas left Mathura and reached the coast of Saurashtra. Decided to build his kingdom in the coastal area for which Vishwakarma, the god of creation, sought the help of Samudra Devta. The ocean god was very happy and helped the Lord and gave him 12 plans and land to build the kingdom. It is also said that Lord Vishwakarma built a city with one gold coin.

Krishna came to Dwarka with his 18 new relatives. He left his physical form hereafter ruling for 36 years. After Dwarka drowned in the sea and the Yadav clans were destroyed, Krishna’s great-grandson Vajra or Vajranabha was the last ruler of the Yadu dynasty of Dwarka, who survived the infighting among the Yadus. After Dwarka drowned in the sea, Arjun went to Dwarka and took Vajra and the remaining Yadav women to Hastinapur. Krishna’s great grandson Vajra was declared the king of Mathura in Hastinapur. Mathura region is called Brajmandal after the name of Vajranabh.

Lost city of Dwarka Nagri look like?

Dwarka was no less than a heaven. Vishwakarma made full use of his art in building Dwarka, which was beyond imagination and this city decorated with diamonds and pearls looked very beautiful. The wide roads of lost city of Dwarka Nagri, various types of plants, flowers etc. in beautiful gardens show how charming Dwarka Nagri must have looked.

Beautiful city of Dwarka

There were many chambers made of silver and brass for storing food grains. There were palaces of gold and There were golden urns decorated on them. Apart from this, there were temples of Vastu Devta and beautifu     l balconies in that city in which people of all four castes lived. And in the middle of all, the palaces of Yaduvanshi chief Ugrasen ji, Balram ji and Lord Shri Krishna were situated.

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The archaeological findings: Lost city of Dwarka Nagri 

Some people think that Dwarka Nagri, an old city, was rebuilt about 3500 years ago on the same land but ended up underwater when the sea level went up. Scientists found out that before the year 1000 AD, the sea level in that area went up and down many times before staying the same. This sea level change can happen because of things like land movements or parts of the coast breaking away.

When archaeologists dug underwater at Dwarka Nagri, they found lots of things from an old harbor. This tells us that Dwarka Nagri was once a historical port under the sea. Historical writings say that it was used for business between India and Arab areas from the 15th to the 18th centuries. At first, ships would anchor there, and later on, it became a place for storing goods. The word ‘Dwarka‘ in Sanskrit means ‘gateway‘ or ‘door,’ showing that it used to be a spot where foreign sailors arrived. Now, archaeologists are getting ready to dig underwater and find the base of the old city’s walls.

Lost city of Dwarka Nagri : Myth or Reality? 

Dwarka Nagri, a city that might have vanished under the sea, holds a tale reminiscent of the legendary Atlantis. Described in the ancient epic Mahabharata, this story revolves around the construction and disappearance of Dwarka Nagri, a city established by Lord Krishna to counter relentless attacks on Mathura. While the city flourished, it eventually submerged into the Arabian Sea, sparking debates about the historical authenticity of this ancient narrative.

The Construction of Dwarka:

According to the sacred text Shrimad Bhagavat, the lost city of Dwarka Nagri was built by the revered architect Vishwakarma near a place called Kushasthali. It quickly rose to prominence, becoming a fortified stronghold with around 900 palaces and thousands of inhabitants. Dwarka Nagri became the center of Lord Krishna’s mission, accessible only by sea, and its rapid ascent to fame drew worldwide attention.

The Submergence of Dwarka Nagri:

As per verses 23 and 34 of the Mahabharata, on the day Krishna left Earth after 125 years, Dwarka Nagri submerged into the Arabian Sea. This event marked the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and the sea gods reclaimed the land, submerging the city beneath the waters. However, it is said that Krishna’s palaces were spared from submersion, leaving an enduring mystery about the lost city of Dwarka Nagri.

Krishna came to Dwarka Nagri with 18 companions

It is said that Krishna came to Dwarka Nagri with his 18 companions. He ruled here for 36 years. After this he gave up his life. As soon as Lord Krishna departed, the city of Dwarka drowned in the sea and the Yadav clan was destroyed.

Did Dwarka Nagri sink due to two curses?

First curse:

After the Mahabharata war, Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas, blamed Shri Krishna for the Mahabharata war. She cursed Shri Krishna that just as the Kaurava dynasty was destroyed, in the same way the entire Yadu dynasty would also be destroyed.

Lord Shri Krishna left Mathura to stop the atrocities being committed on the people by Jarasandha. Shri Krishna established his divine city on the sea shore. This city was named Dwarka. 36 years after the Mahabharata, the lost city of Dwarka was drowned in the sea.

Ghandhari’s Curse

In Mahabharata, Pandavas were victorious and all the Kauravas were destroyed. After this, when Yudhishthir was being crowned in Hastinapur, Shri Krishna was also present there.

Then Gandhari blamed Shri Krishna for the Mahabharata war and cursed Lord Krishna that if I have worshiped my Gods with a true heart and have followed my duty of fidelity to my wife, then just as my clan has been destroyed, in the same way your clan will be destroyed. will also be destroyed before your eyes. It is said that due to this curse, Shri Krishna’s city of Dwarka was submerged in water.

Second curse:

According to popular stories, apart from Mata Gandhari, the second curse was According to another legend, once Maharishi Vishwamitra, Dev Rishi Narada, Kanva went to Dwarka Nagri, then some boys of Yadav clan, for the purpose of mocking the sages, took Shri Krishna’s son Samba in female form and told the sages that This woman is pregnant. You tell me about the baby growing in her womb, whether it will be born? Seeing themselves being insulted, the sages cursed that a pestle would be born from her womb and that pestle would destroy the entire Yaduvanshi clan.

After that all the Yaduvanshis started dying fighting among themselves. After the death of all the Yaduvanshis, Balarama also left his body. Some hunter had shot an arrow at Shri Krishna thinking it was a deer, due to which Lord Shri Krishna went to heaven.

On the other hand, when Pandavas came to know about the untoward incident in Dwarka Nagri, Arjun immediately went to Dwarka Nagri and took the remaining family members of Shri Krishna with him to Indraprastha. After this, the entire lost city of Dwarka Nagri mysteriously disappeared into the sea.

 12 mysteries related to Lost city of Dwarka Nagri of Mahabharata period submerged in water

Dwarka Nagri is one of the 4 Dhams situated on the sea shore at the western tip of Gujarat state and one of the 7 holy puris, where Lord Krishna is worshiped. Let us know the mystery and history related to it.

  1. According to mythology, this city was earlier named Kushsthali because of Maharaja Raivataka performing Yagya by spreading Kush on the beach.
  2. According to Harivansh Purana, after the desolation of Kushasthali, on the orders of Shri Krishna, Mayasura and Vishwamitra built a grand city here which was named Dwarka.
  3. Due to being a city of many gates, Dwarka Nagri is also called Dwaravati, Kushasthali, Anartak, Okha-Mandal, Gomti Dwarka, Chakratirtha, Antardweep, Varidurg, Uddhimadhya place.
  4. There was a huge assembly hall in this city. There was also a port for maritime trade. It is said that the city had 7,00,000 palaces with gold, silver and gems. Apart from this there was also a botanical garden and a lake.
  5. In the Jain sutra ‘Antakritdashang’, there is mention of 12 Yojana long, 9 Yojana wide expansions of Dwarka Nagri and it is said to be built by Kubera and due to its splendor and beauty it has been compared to Alka.
  6. Many Purankars believe that Krishna came to Dwarka Nagri with his 18 companions and clan. Here he ruled for 36 years. During his death, the city of Dwarka Nagri drowned in the sea and the Yadav clan was destroyed.
  7. It is also said that Dhritarashtra’s wife Gandhari and sage Durvasa had cursed the destruction of Yadu dynasty due to which Dwarka Nagri was destroyed.
  8. There is also a belief that this city has been submerged in the Arabian Sea 6 times and the present Dwarka is the 7th city or town which has been re-established near the old Dwarka.
  9. The present day city of Dwarka was established by Adi Shankaracharya. The present form of Dwarkadhish temple was built in the 16th century. Earlier there were many temples here, but the Mughals demolished them.
  10. In the sanctum sanctorum of Dwarkadhish temple, the dark colored four-armed statue of Lord Krishna sits on a silver throne. Here he is also called ‘Ranchodji’. It is said that earlier there was a private palace and Harigriha in place of this temple.
  11. Presently there are 2 Dwarkas – Gomti Dwarka, Bet Dwarka. Gomti is Dwarika Dham, Bet Dwarika is Puri. To reach Bet Dwarka one has to go by sea route.
  12. According to a report in ‘The Hindu’, in 1963, the first excavation of Dwarka city was done jointly by Deccan College Pune, Department of Archeology and Gujarat Government. During this period, utensils about 3,000 years old were found. After this, the Underwater Archeology Wing of the Archaeological Survey of India also found some copper coins and granite structures in the sea. After this the entire city was searched.

Things to do in Lost city of Dwarka Nagri 

Dwarka holds great importance in Indian Culture and is a key spot for the holy Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage. Each year, many devotees visit Dwarka to offer their prayers to Krishna. To explore Dwarka comfortably, it’s a good idea to hire a taxi. Here are some interesting things to do in Dwarka:

  1. See the special rituals at Shri Dwarkadhish Temple – The Dwarka Gujarat temple changes its flag five times a day, a unique practice not found in other Indian temples.
  2. Explore Gopi Talab – This is where Lord Krishna used to play with his friends, the gopis.
  3. Experience the ancient tradition of weighing – In this practice, a person sits on one side of a scale, and grains are added to the other side. When the weights balance, the grains are donated to the temple.
  4. Enjoy a camel ride along the Gomti River – Riding a camel along the riverbanks is an unforgettable experience, offering views of both sides.
  5. Shop for souvenirs at Dwarkadhish Market – The city is home to many talented artists, and you can find unique souvenirs like Chakrashila stones, Dwarkadhish idols, and Gopi sandalwood sticks.
  6. Relax at Dwarka Beach – Nestled along the Arabian Sea, Dwarka Beach is a refreshing spot with stunning coral reefs and ancient temples dating back to the 1100s and 1200s.
  7. Visit the Lighthouse – A famous landmark on Dwarka Beach, the Lighthouse overlooks a large cave formed naturally by the sea’s impact. It’s a fascinating spot to explore.

Dwarka Dham, one of the four Dhams of Hindu religion, is called the city of Lord Krishna. It is located in the Kathiawar region of Gujarat, near the Arabian Sea. After Shri Krishna left the earth to heaven, the lost city of Dwarka Nagri was dissolved in water. According to mythological texts, about 5200 years ago, the people of Mathura were troubled by the attacks of Magadha king Jarasandha. After which Shri Krishna wanted to establish a separate city on the western coast of Gujarat to prevent additional attacks on his people.

Lord Krishna ordered Vishwakarma to establish the lost city of Dwarka Nagri in the middle of the sea and overnight he reached Dwarka Nagri along with all the people. Lord Vishkarma built Dwarka with strong security arrangements in the middle of sea. But due to some reasons Dwarka Nagri was destroyed and the city drowned in the Arabian Sea. 

All FAQ Related to Dwarka Nagri

Where is Lost City of Dwarka Nagri?

 The lost city of Dwarka Nagri, also known as Dwarka, is a city located in the western Indian state of Gujarat. 

Why did Krishna leave Mathura?

After enduring 17 attacks, during the 18th assault by Jarasandha, Lord Krishna made the decision to leave Mathura and establish a new kingdom for his beloved Yadavas.

How does lost city of Dwarka Nagri look like?

Dwarka Nagri was no less than a heaven. Vishwakarma made full use of his art in building Dwarka, which was beyond imagination and this city decorated with diamonds and pearls looked very beautiful. 

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